Yoga and the GM Diet: Exercises to Promote the Weight-Loss

Many people ask if they can do yoga while on the GM diet. The answer is simply “yes.”

Exercise is encouraged on the GM diet, but most high intensity workouts should be put off until later. Yoga is a better way to exercise than many other exercise routines.The GM diet requires dieters to do low intensity exercises in order to keep their muscles active.

Yoga is the perfect exercise because it relaxes you while stretching those muscles. Yoga, combined with diet, is an effective weight loss program that you can do without all the sweating and heart palpitations that go along with more strenuous exercises.Yoga and the GM diet are very effective when used together. Low intensity workouts combined with high energy consumption is just what the body ordered.

Simply following a ten minute yoga session every morning and evening will soon have you feeling good and looking good.


Listed below are just a few of the benefits you will notice while practicing yoga on the GM diet.

If you start your yoga program before you start the GM diet then you are already ahead of the game. The thought of dieting scares some people, practicing yoga calms nervous energies and releases them well before you start to diet. Starting each day during the GM diet with a yoga session will help you follow the diet plan properly throughout the day.

It can be really stressful when you are on a diet. Your body starts to crave the wrong things, and you are stressed just trying to put these thoughts out of your mind.

A ten minute yoga session at the end of each day releases your stress as you breath and exercise it away. Yoga keeps you focused on your diet and frees you from negative food thoughts.

Lack of protein and carbohydrates due to the GM diet does cause muscle weakness and inability to move your limbs properly. Daily yoga sessions help stretch your muscles, reducing the weakness and allowing you to move around during the day.Yoga as ExerciseFor centuries, serious yogis have practiced yoga to meditate and connect to their mind, body, and soul. While some still practice this way, most people are practicing yoga as an exercise and weight loss program.

The series of poses done in yoga stretch and activate your muscles without any undo stress. Bending, striding, and other poses promote balance as well as flexibility. Yoga may seem like a lightweight exercise, but the physical motions burn a lot of energy, making yoga a very effective weight loss regimen to get involved in.

Ten minutes to begin your day, and ten minutes to end your day. Follow this simple 5-step routine every day that you are on the GM diet (you can also do these if not on any diet):

Step 1. Stand straight and put your feet together. Fold your palms in front of your chest and close your eyes. Chant the mantra “Ohm Mitrayah Namaha” while you breathe normally.

Step 2. Raise your arms over your head and shoulders. Bring your hands together, palms touching each other. Lean backwards and stretch your abdomen. Chant “Oh Khagaya Namaha” while you inhale, then exhale normally.

Step 3. Bend forward and put your palms on the side of your feet. Touch your knees with your forehead. Chant “Ohm Suryaya Namaha” while you hold the pose, then exhale deeply.

Step 4. While holding the same position as in step 3, slide hands out until palms are flat on the ground. Move one leg back and the other forward. Raise your head, inhale, and chant “Ohm Bhanuvae Namaha.”

Step 5. Return to the standing position as in step 1. Breathe normally as you chant “Ohm Bhaskaraya Namaha.”