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GM Diet Reviews: Results from Around the Web

On most diet plans, people lose 1-2 lbs per week. Every once in a while you come across someone who has lost more like 4 pounds. What’s amazing about the general motors diet is that lots of people are consistently losing as much as 5 or even 10 pounds in just the first week.

Is it just water weight?

Doesn’t look like it! Like any other healthy eating plan, a considerable amount of the weight you will lose in the first week can be attributed to excess water that your body stores along with the fat. However, as you’ll see, many folks are finding that they’ve lost more weight on the gm plan than on almost any other rapid weight loss or detox plan. It’s pretty clear that although you may lose 2-4 pounds of water weight, you will also be losing fat. Please Note: While we are personally big fans of the GM Diet here at, we cannot guarantee any results and none of these statements or reviews have been evaluated by the FDA.

Review 1: Ally Babe lost 4 kilos Didn’t Gain the Weight Back (No Exercise)

Ally Babe on youtube tested the plan with 1 week on the gm and then a week of “normal eating” including a few desserts and juice. After the first week, she had lost 4 kilos (that’s 8.8 pounds!)
After the second week she had still kept the weight off and even lost a bit more. And check this out: She didn’t even exercise!

Review 2: Mary Luna Lost 6 Pounds in 7 Days

From youtube, maryluna0103 talks about her experience with the gm diet plan. On the first day, she talks about why she started the diet. She decided to make the reviews to show other people that it’s possible.
Here, she summarizes her final days of the plan. She says she lost 6 pounds in those 7 days!

Who is the General Motors Plan NOT Recommended for?

Recis Dempayos talks about his 7 days. He says he feels great, but he wouldn’t recommend this diet to people who work out heavily or are at the gym at lot.