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How To Do The Master Cleanse Diet


In our previous guide for cleansing diet, we have discussed the Master Cleanse Diet briefly, which remains one of the most popular cleanse diet methods. Arguably, the Master Cleanse Diet was popularized by Beyonce herself almost a decade ago. Ever since then, many people have tried the master cleanse diet with great results, often losing more than 10 pounds after just a week with the strict regime.

However, although the Master Cleanse Diet has been proven effective, doing it in the right way can be very challenging and we can say that it is easier than done.

With that being said, here we will provide an in-depth guide to the Master Cleanse diet, and how to make the most of it.

The Core Recipe of the Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse diet consists of a very simple recipe, which is also a key factor for its popularity. The ingredients are very accessible to virtually anyone and are also very affordable. They are:

Organic lemonade or lime juice, depending on your preference.

Organic maple syrupCoombs is a popular choice because of it’s delicious taste and high-quality production.

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Organic cayenne pepper, you can also easily buy it online.

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Purified water or spring water

2 tablespoons lemonade

2 tablespoons maple syrup

1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

10 ounces of spring or purified water

Mix all ingredients together!

The Salt Water Flush

The salt water flush is an essential part of the Master Cleanse diet. The flush eliminates toxins at the start of the diet. You can also use a laxative tea as an alternative.

Here is how you make the salt water flush:

Add 2 teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to a quart of warm water. Drink them on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Warning: several eliminations will most likely occur during the next hour. If not, you can increase the amount of salt slightly. Add water to your taste.


Besides the core recipe and the salt water flush, you will need a pack of peppermint tea and herbal laxative tea.

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The Steps

  • Start your day with a salt water flush or laxative tea on an empty stomach. Expect several eliminations for the next couple of hours.
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of the core lemonade recipe.

If cleansing and detoxification is your main goal, you can follow that recipe. You can also increase the amount of maple syrup in the mixture especially if you are underweight and don’t want to lose additional weight.

If weight loss is your main goal, using less maple syrup is not advised. Removing it can maximize your weight loss results, but your body needs that sugar in order to fuel it through the day.

You can drink an occasional cup of peppermint tea to help with your digestion and give yourself a bit more nutritional energy. This is optional but definitely recommended.

End your day with a herbal laxative tea two hours before you go to bed.

The Routine

This recommended routine should last for about ten days. However, it can be a challenge for beginners. You can do a 3-day trial the first time, go back to your normal diet, and try again for 7 days before you can reach the 10-day target.

You can prolong the regime beyond 10 days, especially if weight loss is your target. Users have reported doing the Master Cleanse diet regime for 21 to 30 days with great success. Let your body and mental strength be the judge, as sticking to this diet can be very challenging.

The key to the strict diet is that every time you are hungry, drink another lemonade or peppermint tea. It is good to manage your working schedule and have more rest during the diet, and doing it with a partner or a group will be more fun. Not to mention, having that support system around you can significantly increase your chances of success.

It’s important to remember though, that keeping your strength and mental clarity in good shape is the most important. Do not become too focused on weightloss that your body suffers. Only do this diet in short amounts of time if you are struggling. Always be safe and make sure you are making wise choices about your health!

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