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Liver Cleanse Diet: The Easy Way to Detox Your Liver


In our past article, we have learned about the effectiveness of doing a cleansing diet. Additionally, we’ve discussed several effective methods you can try. When doing a cleanse, it’s important to clean your liver. This can do a lot of good for your health. The fact that many cleansing diets will also cause weight loss is a nice added bonus. However, cleansing your liver is still the main objective. Today’s discussion is about how to do a natural liver cleanse diet method. It can be effective and also relatively easy to follow.

Why is the liver cleanse diet so important? First, we have to understand that the liver is one of the most hardworking organs we have. It performs over 400 functions every day to keep our body working properly. Basically, your liver filters everything that enters your body. It gets rid of anything you can’t use.

Why You Should Do a Liver Cleanse Diet

With that being said, we can understand that when there are a lot of unused substances in our body, such as toxins, the liver puts up extra hard work to balance things out, which can overburden the organ. In severe cases, this can lead to liver failure, but in most cases, here are the effects of an overworked liver:

  • Easier to gain weight since your ‘filter’ is not doing well
  • Feeling sluggish and tired even when fully rested
  • Headaches from mild to severe
  • Digestion problems
  • Pain on your right side of the body
  • Skin discoloration

As we can see, even the mildest of overworked liver symptom can be a major hassle, and that’s where a liver cleanse diet can fill in. There are many methods of liver cleanse diet available, but as the core principle, fresh fruit and vegetable diet will do the trick. However, there are also other important things that can prevent your liver from getting a toxic overload.

Here are four easy liver cleanse diet methods you can use, that are relatively accessible and can be done without starving yourself.

1. Take a Break from Alcohol

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It is a common knowledge that alcohol intake is one of the worst jobs you can give your liver, and in fact, it is one of the biggest causes of liver failures.

Turns out, the claims about how red wine can be good for your health is also a myth. Even one glass of red wine or other alcohol can increase your risks of liver failure, heart-related diseases, and high cholesterol levels.

Not to mention, alcohol is a major hindrance if you are planning to lose some weight. Yet, we understood that backing off from alcohol can be really hard especially for addicted ones. Consider taking an anti-alcohol aid to help with the withdrawal process during the liver cleanse diet.

2. Water and Lemon is Your Friend

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Sometimes, a liver cleanse diet should not be so complicated, and you can simply help your liver by taking more fresh, alkalizing water. Try upgrading from chlorinated tap water to spring of purified water, which is rich in natural minerals and free from toxins. You can also use a simple water filtration system, such as this one to further help with cleaning carbon and chlorine particles, which your liver hates.

Besides water, lemon is also a strong alkaline that can cleanse your liver. That is the reason why so many cleanse diets, including the infamous Master Cleanse diet use lemon as their core ingredient. Add just a squeeze of lemon to your drinking water, or you can also use other citrus fruits. They are also rich in Vitamin C and minerals that can help your bodily functions during the liver cleanse diet process. Aim for at least a gallon of water each day, but you can really drink as much as you want.

3. Eat the Healthy Fats

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Even with all the commotion of the debate between carbs-free and fat-free diets, the common consensus nowadays is that your body do need fats to operate properly. The trick is to choose the right fats to intake.

Healthy fats from coconut, walnut, almond, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, as well as olives and avocados, are the best fat sources for your liver cleanse diet. Avoid animal fats that can clog your artery, and you should also vegetable-based oils like soy or corn.

4. Choose the Right Supplements

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Supplements are an important part for most of our lifestyles nowadays, but it is very important to choose your supplements carefully. You should be selective and do a little bit of research for each of your supplements, no matter how they promise their health benefits (that are sometimes too good to be true).

The general rule of thumb is to choose supplements with plant-based ingredients, such as plant-based vitamin-B supplements. A right brand of selenium can greatly help your liver cleanse diet, as well as herbs like artichoke leaf and milk thistle.

Try getting liver-support supplements to aid your liver cleanse diet, like these.

Remember, living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important in the long-term health of your liver. Treat it well and take care of your liver and you’ll do a tremendous deal of good for your health.

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