GM Diet vs Atkins Diet

Our world is filled with fat people. Obesity is the result of abundance or deprivation. Sounds contradictory, but abundance creates habits of overeating, while deprivation starves people of certain nutrients, while overloading them with carbohydrates. Overweight people are seeking quick ways to shed those unwanted pounds.

Every diet around has its supporters and its critics. Knowing more about two of these diets will help you decide if either will work for you.

The Atkins Diet

Dieting the tasty way. This is the whole concept of the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins created this diet based on how human bodies use all the major food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Our bodies use carbohydrates as our main source of energy. These foods allow our bodies to function and move properly. Proteins and fats are stored in our cells and used when the carbohydrate level gets low. Atkins proposed that if we eat less carbohydrates, our body will have no choice but to use these reserved protein and fat stores for energy. In this way, weight loss can be rapid, especially in problem areas like the upper arms, thighs, and abdomen.
There are four phases in the Atkins diet:

1. Induction: Total carbohydrate intake is limited to just 20 grams of low calorie vegetables each day.

2. On-going weight loss: Carbs are increased to 25 grams a day.

3. Pre-maintenance: Carbs increase gradually.

4. Maintenance: Carbs continue to increase gradually. However, only the healthiest, fiber rich, and lowest calorie carbs are allowed.

The GM Diet

The GM diet calls for eating specific foods every day for a week. No alcohol or creamy drinks are allowed. Drinking 10 – 15 glasses of water every day is a must. This diet may only last one week, but it can be repeated in cycles. Weight loss can be rapid.

It is hard to say that one of these diets is better than the other. While both offer rapid weight loss, the same problem occurs as with any diet: the weight comes back once the diet is over. The Atkins diet is heavily dependent on proteins and fats which cause problems with the heart. High levels of cholesterol, heart disease, and some cancers are all things associated with eating too much protein from animal fats. People with liver and kidney problems should never go on the Atkins diet because ketosis may be the end result. Conversely, on the GM diet you are allowed foods from all the food groups, with carbohydrates severely limited. Because there really is no exercise plan or maintenance involved with the GM diet, it is easy to regain the weight lost.

Choose your diet with your body, lifestyle, and habits in mind. Understanding each diet is the way to success. Follow the diet plan and continue your healthy habits beyond the diet. Eating properly and maintaining some of the ideas learned through dieting is the key to keeping the weight off. Incorporate exercise in your life – try yoga for low stress exercising, especially with the GM diet. Walking is the best exercise available to all of us, and it is free. Make healthy habits a lifelong goal and dieting will be something that other people do.